Dr. Tricia J McMahon,

Evolving Together is about transformation that enhances life within and around us.

As a Nationally Certified Health & Wellness Coach and also a YouTube Creator, I engage each of us in exploring, healing, and expanding our Well-Being in care for ourselves, one another and the earth. Together we can!

Personally, and professionally, I am passionate about integrative well-being in mind, body, and spirit for myself, individuals, and organizations. Our shared life on this earth deserves, and requires it.


Nationally Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Nourishment of mind, body, and spirit are vital aspects of health impacting our human life.

As a Nationally Certified Health & Wellness Coach, my role is to listen intently, without judgment of any kind, to support you, via evidence-based coaching skills, in identifying and achieving your own unique path to optimal wellness.

It is an honor for me to journey with others in this way.

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Human Beings are newly discovering our evolutionary ancestry and thereby our role as a dimension of the evolving universe.
Evolving Together Now YouTube Channel invites us to ponder our evolutionary ancestry  to expand, deepen, heal, rejuvenate our lives, personally, and as a species.
How we understand and feel about ourselves, others, all creation, has everything to do with how we view and treat ourselves, one another, the earth. And from a health coaching perspective, it also has as much to do with our health & vitality as do our lifestyle habits.

Weddings and
Memorial Officiant

Working with couples/families to create, and officiate meaningful ceremonies of love.        Memorials, Weddings, Baptisms.

For every kind of ceremony, I listen intently to your needs, ideas, beliefs. What matters most is that I/we create a ritual expressive of your heart(s). 

Ideally we can meet in-person at least once. Then emails and phone calls, as needed for planning. 

Call or email to discuss your particular needs, desires. I look forward to meeting you.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi for Better Balance Instructor for our physical, emotional, spiritual health.

Using gentle, flowing movements you will learn 8 Tai Chi forms (derived from the traditional 24-form Yang-style.) With the flow of the movements, the muscles involved in breathing are also stretched and tension released thereby creating renewed peace and calm.

Available to teach individuals or groups. Call or email to discuss your need, desire.

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My Services

Plants growing from soil - Plant progress

Evolution within & among us


Health and well-being is personal; I value the unique evolution of each client as I support them in taking one step at a time for success.


Tai Chi is a wonderful way to exercise your body, refresh your mind, uplift your spirit and enjoy being with others. 

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My role is to listen and help create the most personal and memorable experience possible.

" I respect you and your truth. Being non-judgmental matters no matter what. Your privacy is paramount."

- Dr. Tricia McMahon



"I was very apprehensive based on past experiences about engaging with a health coach. Dr. Tricia completely blew away my expectations. Her integrated and holistic approach to life and coaching helped me to connect the dots to live a better and healthier life." 


"I looked forward to all of our meetings. Dr. Tricia was so kind and compassionate and helped me to explore health and life in new and exciting ways. Our time together was truly transformative and life changing."


Let's Meet!

I am available to meet in person or remotely.


  • 30 or 60 minutes sessions by Phone, In-Person, Video chat
  • 30 minute Intro Session n/c
  • 1-2 Weekly Email/Text Exchange n/c

$35 per half hour; $65 per hour


  • 30 or 60 minute sessions by Phone, In-Person, Video chat
  • 60 minute Intro Session n/c
  • 1-2 Weekly Email/Text Exchange per person n/c

$50 per half hour; $85 per hour

Presentations, Personal Retreats

  • Public speaking Re: Mindfulness, Tai Chi, etc
  • Personal Retreat Guidance for 1-7 days
  • Please call/email to explore possibilities

Call for details.

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Evolving Together Now invites us to ponder our evolutionary ancestry not to negate or deplete current beliefs/understanding about our human life but rather to expand, deepen, heal, rejuvenate our lives, personally, and as a species. Reflecting upon our human experience and also current events (sexuality, change, chaos, relationships, love, the brain, climate crisis, mindfulness, and more) in the context of our participation in the universe, offers us profound realizations about our human life--heart, mind, body, soul.

I came to this topic via spirituality, yet it is integrative of our whole being.

Hope you will join in.


Seattle, WA
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